Summer of Confidence

This summer, Mollie is making up for lost time!  She is busy mastering things that she couldn't or wouldn't attempt while on chemo: riding her bike without training wheels and learning to swim. 
She was treading water in the "deep end" at her lesson this morning! 

She is also reading chapter books, some by herself and some together with me.  So far she has finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, The Secret Garden, A Cricket in Times Square, and we are about halfway through with The Wind in the Willows.  

My parents were visiting last week and we all had a great time, despite the heat.  Mollie expressed interest in doing some needlework (cross stitch), so my mom picked up a kit at a craft store and taught Mollie how to get started.  Currently, she is working on making a cupcake design for Lucy.  It's a great quiet time activity that incorporates a lot of skills- manual dexterity, pattern/chart reading, counting stitches,  and following directions.
This weekend Mollie heads off to Camp Rainbow.  It is hard to believe this is her third year! Leave a comment or send an e mail if you would like her address to send her a card.


  1. Relevant for summer/conscientious parents everywhere!


  2. How am I so behind on your blog that I didn't see this? This is so great to read! Made me smile...

  3. That is a very impressive reading list!!! She is so smart (and looking wonderful in all her photos). Can't wait to visit with you guys again.



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