Easter Celebrations and Christmas in July

We had a lovely Easter this year, out at Matt's grandparents farm in South Carolina.  Activities included fishing, rambling, cow watching, visiting with family, church, and two egg hunts (carefully avoiding fire ants and poison ivy).  And too much food!

I hope all of you had a lovely weekend too!

For those who are reading this blog that know children suffering from cancer (in treatment or remission), there is a wonderful lady known as The Blanket Fairy who is organizing Christmas in July to help brighten the summer for these kids. Click the link to find out more about this program and to register a child (parents only).  Please pass the info along to anyone you know who may be interested!


  1. Oh, Sarah! Mollie is looking so beautifully grown up! Look at her gorgeous eyes and smile. There is so much of you in her especially.
    HUgs back at you. Thanks for the comment and I know you must feel this way most of the time. I think of you often when I think I am struggling and know you feel it more acutely.

  2. Beautiful pictures!!


  3. A bit late, but I LOVE the solar highlight in Mollie's hair. She looks WONDERFUL. And Liam is obviously ready to take off for someplace great when he escapes Mollie's grip. What an excited look on his face. Mollie & Lucy fishing with their dad - priceless.
    Love you guys...


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