Birthday Girl

Mollie had a lovely birthday- we celebrated all weekend! 

She had been looking forward to having her best friend Bella visit from Augusta- they had a blast!  They stayed up talking, playing, and watching movies until 1 am! 

We celebrated with cake and a few gifts on Friday night.  She was very pleased with her new pet venus fly trap (a North Carolina native plant!) and earrings!

Don't know why those little candle reflections kept showing up...
    Then she chose lunch at Panera and pottery painting at a ceramics studio on Saturday.

By Sunday, her real birthday, we were all ready for rest.  I got up early and picked up a bouquet of flowers and a balloon to surprise her.  Matt made pancakes for breakfast and we had a slow morning.  In the afternoon, we went shopping for art supplies with her new gift card and had an early dinner out (Mollie's choice).

Here's to Mollie!  May she have a blessed and healthy year, full of learning, exploration, friends, family, and fun!


  1. Isabella is still talking about what a great time she had and can't wait for our next visit. I had a lovely time as well and plan to visit Target ASAP!! :-)

  2. It looks like a super celebration! Mollie looks SO happy. It was nice to see a pic of Isabella too. CU real soon.

  3. Mollie went to Our Paintin' Place didn't she?? That is owned by good friends of mine, Patti Ford & Kathi Smith. I'm sure they treated you well! They are a big supporter of MAW! Mollie is adorable!

    Lisa Baldwin :)

  4. Well, I am embarrassed to write happy BELATED birthday, Mollie! I remember before, but forgot to come post on your special. Day. I can't believe you are 7! Health and happiness to you!

  5. (LOL that I was a birthday message slacker like Nicola this year.) I can't believe Mollie is already 7 and we haven't met. I am sure she will have plenty more happy birthdays and maybe some year we can all celebrate in California together. Very cute pictures. liz

  6. I love seeing Mollie grow each and every day. It is also great to see your positive comments about news from the doctor. I pray for her nightly, as well as many other students of mine. I am so pleased that her birthday was so exciting for her. It sounds like she had a great weekend... ahhh, to be 7 again! haha. She is such a sweetheart and deserves only the best! Love, Ms. Carswell

  7. What a wonderful, joyous entry! Happy, happy birthday Moliie! What a lovely photo of you and your flowers! Sarah, you are truly amazing!!!!


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