Happy New Year!

The limo is here!  We're going to Disney!
A winter break like no other!  It has been a whirlwind of activity, travel, illness, cheer, family, and fun around here since before Christmas.  I guess it is back to regularly scheduled programming now.

The Orlando trip was a blast!  More details about the trip later, but we had a great, great time.  The resort, Give Kids the World Village was amazing, and probably the best part of the trip.  Our kids had never seen anything like DisneyWorld before, so it was a lot to take in and discover.  I am still digesting it all!

Mollie spent a few days under the weather.  She was sick for a day in Orlando and following Christmas she just seemed extremely tired and pale.   I took her in to our pediatrician for counts.  Matt and I both were worried; we thought the other shoe was about to drop.  Fortunately, her counts were fine!

Christmas Eve was a little chaotic as we were all so tired and had little time to prepare (and Liam threw up on the flight home from Orlando).  But Christmas day was lovely.  Matt's parents and brother were staying with us and we spent a leisurely morning opening gifts.   Then we spent the afternoon trying to find a restaurant for Christmas dinner (the search was much harder than anticipated).  We ended up at a small farm-to-table restaurant in a historic hotel in uptown and it was fantastic!  We had the entire place to ourselves and the real treat was that it started snowing!

The week after Christmas is always a favorite of mine- probably the most calm, relaxing days of the whole year.  And of course, my birthday falls during that week.  So maybe that's why I like it so much.  We spent time around our house and then Matt's parents took Mollie and Lucy to Snow Hill (his grandparents' farm in South Carolina) and that gave us a little respite.  Unfortunately, I got the stomach bug so instead of crossing items off my "to do" list, I was worshiping the porcelain goddess.

We joined them is South Carolina to ring in the new year.  Now we are all recovering... and Liam took his first steps today!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!


  1. Sounds like a great holiday! Disney World sounds great-I'm curious to hear more about Give Kids the World. Welcome 2011 and with it many more happy moments for the King family :)

  2. Miss you all!!! And, Liam is walking. Is there a video of the BIG event? Love, Grandma Janet

  3. Happy new year!!! I also hope some disneyworld photos get posted! Good luck recovering from the holidays!!! (our tree is still up!)

  4. First steps?! Oh my gosh! You guys have had an amazing few weeks! Glad Mollie is fine. Happy birthday!

  5. Happy New Year! I'm glad Mollie is doing well. I'll watch for vacation pics and be in touch.
    Dru Swenson

  6. Happy New Years to all of you from Nadira and Amy. We were thinking about you all and Nadira really wanted to see Mollie and Isabella. Showing her pictures of Mollie and letting her know that I was going to arrange a play date for her with Bella was the only way to make her happy. She just sat and touched the picture of Mollie and smiled. Time and distance really don't matter as much when people care for you. I pray you all have the best in life this year and always.


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