Steroids, Day 3

We are 50% of the way through this last round of steroids.  Mollie is having a tough time because this is the highest dose she has been on since the beginning of treatment.  There are lots of sibling fights and hurt feelings.  It makes me so glad that Lucy was too young to "get it" for most of Mollie's treatment.  This morning she was crying over how Mollie was treating her; I doubt she will remember it and I am so glad it will be over soon.

Some photos from Friday:


  1. Miss Mollie you look lovely. I'm so happy for you. And remember to be kind to Lucy because she is too young to understand what you are experiencing.
    Love you.

  2. Sarah, Do you think Mollie will even remember most of this when she is grown? I hesitate even asking that, because this is all so major...your entire life, and hers, too, but 6 is still young and there isn't a lot about 6 and under that I remember. Enough, but not all. Huge hugs. You are almost there. Nicola

  3. Nicola, I do think she will remember this when she's an adult, but I agree that she will be fuzzy on the details. She has five years of close follow up and then annual follow up for the rest of her life. I think that will keep is "real" for her. I hope that it gradually creeps into the background. The reality is that she will have side effects, and eventually, she probably will get another cancer. Hopefully not until she's an old lady!!


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