Cast Off

I miss Mollie so much and can't wait to hear about all her adventures when she comes home tomorrow.

It was an adventurous week for us too-- Lucy got her cast removed on Weds.  It was much worse than when they put it on. She was scared and uncomfortable and cried, screamed, or whined for a solid 4 hours.  She still walks like she has a broken leg- partly from the physical pain due to it being immobilized for almost 4 weeks, but the rest is psychological.  She's moving around pretty well and really, really enjoying baths and showers.

The movers are coming to pack on Tuesday!  To say we aren't ready is an understatement, but it is really happening.  Yikes!


  1. Oh my gosh. I think you won't know what to do with yourself when life settles into a new normal.
    Yay for the cast off. Ah, to be young and heal that quickly!

  2. Good luck for the move! And yay for the red cast off!

  3. Glad Lu's cast is off. Last time I broke my arm I remember it really, really hurting to bend it at all, which lasted a couple of weeks. Uck!

    The most relaxed I remember being in recent history was after they packed up our home for our move across the ocean/country. Such little responsibility for a few days was so unfamiliar. I hope you get at least a comparable feeling this week! I'm excited for you for all the new place will bring :)

  4. I'm glad her cast came off, and I hope she's back to normal soon! Hannah's cast came off Wednesday too! She's such a monkey, she was carrying her sister around by Thursday.

  5. Exciting changes coming! Please send me your new mailing address as I have a package that needs a destination.


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