Another Week

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Mollie has had another good week and I can honestly say I didn't think about cancer or relapse very much!  The biggest problem she faced was something about silly bands at school!

We got our final approval for Mollie's Make-a-Wish trip and the tickets and other info should be arriving any day.  Mollie and Lucy are so excited that we get to take a limousine to the airport!!  Matt and I are pretty excited too- we don't have to drive or pay for parking!

I am still struggling to figure out my new, post-cancer treatment normal.  Of course this is complicated by living in a new place.  Everything in our lives is vastly different from what it was two years ago.  I'm still trying to find my place.

We are all enjoying the cooler fall weather!  The 49ers are playing the Panthers next weekend.  Neither team has won a game this season, but Mollie and Lucy have declared themselves Panthers fans and Matt and I both grew up in the bay area so we thought it would be a fun game to go to.  Anyone have tickets they want to get rid of?

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Oh yes, the silly bands. Heather told me that her teachers said, "I don't want to see those bands at school EVER again!". Okay then. It is a problem here too.

    Have a good weekend,

  2. Oh, Sarah, give yourself some time and plenty of emotional room to find your new normal. You've been wound up tightly for 2 years, plopped in a new place, trying to find a new community, and it will take time. Yay about the trip...where to? Disneyworld?

  3. They're PANTHERS fans!?!

    I guess that's better than Pats fans....


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