Today is the last day of Childhood Cancer Awareness month, but these kids will battle all year long.  There is HOPE though.  A news article came out yesterday about a new treatment for neuroblastoma, that combines chemotherapy with immunotherapy.  They halted the clinical trial early because the immunotherapy was so much more effective than the standard therapy.  This same approach is now being tried with other pediatric cancers.  There is hope!

Also, I have been in contact with a study coordinator at Stanford who asked me to post this to help her recruit subjects (adults) for this program/study:
Stanford University is running a 6-week workshop that gives people who have
survived cancer two or more times the skills needed to regain their life back
after cancer and take control of their health. Participants also connect with
other cancer survivors. Go to http://cancersurvivors.stanford.edu  to learn more and sign up.
If you know anyone who qualifies, please forward this information to them. This is an online workshop so I don't think you need to be local to participate.

Lastly, if you are able (and believe me I know it is hard in this economy), please consider donating to our team for the Walk for Wishes to raise funds for the Make-a-wish foundation.  They do wonderful things for kids!

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  1. Interesting link. I'm not sure that I qualify to sign up since I've never had cancer. But I will tell my headshrinker lady. Her son had cancer at the age of about 3 months (it was a tumor in his shoulder). They removed it and then it recurred when he was about one. Good news, he is now 22 years old and seemingly healthy.
    I wish the whole family well.


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