"A Mighty Fine Day"

When Mollie got in bed last night, she told us, " I know tomorrow is going to be another mighty fine day!"  She had a great day yesterday.  Matt's parents are visiting and she and Lucy got to play with grandma Janet ALL DAY.  They played playdough, spy (with their new walkie talkies), went for a walk at the nature center, and played some more. 

In the evening, Michelle and I took Mollie and Isabella out for dinner so we could all enjoy some time together.  We went back to our house after dinner for some extended conversation and playing.  We are sure going to miss the J family when we move in a few weeks!

Mollie is back to her normal self now that the steroids have worn off.  It is wonderful to see her playing and taking advantage of all the free time she has.  She has been creating and doing a lot of imaginary play!  We can't wait for Lucy to get her cast off so she can join in a little more.

I have to agree with Mollie.... it was a mighty fine day!


  1. Woohoo! Loving those "fine" days and praying that your days are filled with them.

    A couple of weeks, really? So glad that things are falling into place for you guys and you can be a family unit again.

  2. That was a great day!! Enjoyed the merloT!!



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