One Week In

Liam is one week old today, and I couldn't have asked for a better week (except for the weather).

Mollie is thrilled with her new baby brother! She sits quietly and cuddles him every afternoon. And she's been very helpful, not only with the baby, but with keeping Lucy occupied. Thankfully, she has been very healthy all week. Her new favorite food is salad and her appetite has been great! She attended school every day and even sold a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies. An aside, if you would like to purchase some Girl Scout cookies, let me know! Leave a comment or send an e mail. We have to turn in the order form by Monday. They are $3.50 per box and the money is due when the cookies arrive (mid-late February). You can even donate your boxes to a local charity or to deployed US military through the cookies from home program.

Lucy has been doing great with Liam, too. She still doesn't understand that she has to be gentle (not her strong suit), but she loves to kiss him and talk to him. Both girls thrive on routine, so the challenge for us will be to stick to the routine. I'm thinking of making a new daily routine chart to remind all of us what needs to be done.

More photos coming soon!


  1. FABULOUS news. i am so so glad to read all of this. thinking of you often. wanting more photos!

  2. Awww! SO wish we could've made it this weekend :( Glad to hear everything is going so well. I'm impressed you've gone this long without having to write down your routine-- I don't even have kids and I need to refer back to mine regularly! Kisses to all of them from us!

  3. Yay for fabulous big sisters! I'm glad your week has gone so well, I ditto Olivia on the routine chart, I have to have mine!

  4. It was wonderful to see your post and hear that all is going well. Put me down for three boxes of cookies and send them off to the military--my favorites are the mints. Check will be in the mail. Hugs to everyone.


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