Autumn Begins

Mollie had a fabulous day at school today; thank goodness the steroids are over with for now!

I had great conference with her teacher this morning. We were going down the list of kindergarten skills and got to "Listens carefully" and "Works quietly" and Mrs. S said, "Oh yeah. Mollie is NEVER going to be a behavior problem!" So, she's right where she should be and more importantly, she enjoys school.

Today was a perfect fall day. There was a slight breeze, no humidity, and the air just felt clean. The only thing missing was a chill in the air (it was 80 degrees here). Mollie and Lucy played out in the yard until dinnertime. Mollie pulled Lucy around in the wagon (Lucy loves this!), they played in the sandbox, and they collected acorns, twigs, and leaves for a fall nature display. Afterward, we made a quick run to the store and then baked and frosted Matt's birthday cake. It truly was a lovely evening!

Special note to Chemo Angels Susan and Belle: Mollie loves the sleep mask! She wore it in the car and then to bed!


  1. Yay! I am so glad that you had such a good day. You sure deserve it!

  2. beautiful girls. beautiful collage. i love it, sarah. you are an amazing family.

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  4. What a lovely day! Esp that the girls had so much fun-- nice photos and memories for them of childhood :) I love that middle left photo of Luce! How do you make the mosaic?

  5. Liv- I did this mosaic at http://www.bighugelabs.com/, but you can also do it in photoshop. PS lets you have more control over where the image is cropped, but it's much quicker to do it online unless you have created a template.

  6. Thank you so much for the encouraging note! We are getting into running and will continue to wear our jerseys honoring Mollie.

    Happy fall to you and your awesome kiddos!

    Be well,

    Arik and Mia


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