The Story of Mollie's First Lost Tooth

Too excited to hold still for a picture!

See that gap? Mollie's wiggly tooth came out last Weds. night!

She was brushing her teeth when she started screaming, "Mama! My tooth is GONE!" I thought it had gone down the drain or something, but there it was in the sink (she meant gone from her mouth!)

So the tooth fairy came and brought her a silver dollar and a certificate; after school, she got a flower delivery! She was also the first in her class to lose a tooth, so she brought her certificate in for show and tell.

Losing the first tooth is definitely a major milestone in growing up. Time is really flying, but it makes me so happy to see Mollie experiencing these normal phases.

Mollie goes to clinic to have her counts checked tomorrow. Two more weeks until the next spinal tap. She has developed a cough over the last week, so we will be sure to mention that tomorrow and see if they want to do anything. She has not had a fever, but she is pretty congested. I'm expecting that to have some effect on her ANC, but hopefully not enough to reduce her dose of chemo.


  1. Congratulations, Mollie! A Tooth Fairy Certificate--what a great idea. ..and flowers--equally special. The photos are lovely and joyous! You are a wonder, Sarah!

  2. Wow, if she wasn't happy with the buck, the flowers and certificate definitely make up for it-- what great ideas! She looks so grown up with that necklace and curly hair, too :)

  3. Congratulations, Mollie! Love the bouquet and that photo. BTW, did you get my package?

  4. yay, mollie! such a big girl now. and so beautiful! gorgeous photos, sarah!

  5. Mollie,
    You look real cute with a missing tooth. I think I know where you can get a new one!
    Hug your little sister for me, please.
    Grandpa TC (The grouch)

  6. Mollie, you are too cute as always. The flowers were beautiful. Sorry Sarah, we've gotten nothing for Gage's cough and snotty nose (3+ weeks now) Praying ANC is good.

    Miss you guys:-(

  7. Those first lost teeth are amazing. My daughter was so excited - it was crazier than Christmas around here. She is six and has loose tooth #3 now.

    Your daughter is beautiful. I am new to reading your blog and am so moved by her courage.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog so now I get to read yours.

    Wishing you and yours healthy healthy days.

  8. I agree with Olivia, she looks so grown up! She is growing so fast. Congratulations Mollie for being the first in your class to lose a tooth.


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