Week in Review

Thank goodness for "normal". Mollie has had a healthy, normal week. The weather as been lovely (except for a thick coating of pollen everywhere), so we have been going outside to practice throwing, catching, and hitting a baseball. Being sick and weakened for so long has definitely affected Mollie's endurance- she was winded just from walking around the block. But we're working on it.

Mollie made the Beeper this week (http://www.mcg.edu/news/beeper/) and she's enjoying her little bit of celebrity. She is definitely hitting her stride at school and looks forward to it every day. We are also trying to learn German. Mollie has a good memory for vocabulary, but it's difficult to try to teach sentences.

Mollie has been enjoying her birthday gifts...it's been an "extended" birthday, with something special arriving in the mail each day since the beginning of March. No wonder her new favorite activity is checking the mailbox!! In the photo, Mollie is with her doll, Kirsten. They are wearing matching German dirndls- the one Mollie has on was mine, brought by my grandpa from Germany when I was little, and the one on the doll was handmade by my great aunt Nancy. She has made a whole wardrobe for Mollie's doll!

Our friends Pam and Brandon had a baby boy on St. Patrick's day and Mollie wants to see him, so that's probably what we're up to this weekend.

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  1. That's awesome, great picture of Mollie. Is that Matt and Lucy in the background?

    I love the picture of Mollie with her doll, what a sweet great aunt to make several outfits, such fun.

    Have a great week!



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