I was planning to post that Mollie has been healthy lately and then she woke up this morning throwing up. She seems fine now, so I think this is probably a chemo side effect. This week has been really busy so far and I don't think she has gotten enough rest, so I'm hoping she'll rest up today and be feeling better by tomorrow. Getting her to lay down and nap/rest is no easy feat though- she wants to be up doing something!


  1. i know you have lots of restful crafts up your sleeve! playdough is always a fun one, especially if you make it first!
    i hope she feels better and you guys are getting some down time with all that is headed your way.

  2. Whew! I clicked on your site today holding my breath. So thankful that there is not an up date that Mollie is sick, the R and R must have done the trick. Continue to stay happy and healthy.


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