Clinic Update

We are home! Today was a long clinic day because Mollie had spinal methotrexate. It wasn't too bad- we got the paperwork to head over to pre-op at 11:30. Mollie had been fasting since last night so she was not too happy about any of it, but she did a great job and didn't complain very much. She ended up falling asleep in clinic. All of her counts are good (ANC 1800) so we aren't "scheduled" to go back until 4 weeks from today (coinciding almost exactly with the baby's due date).

We met Zackary and his mom for pizza afterwards and Mollie ate a lot! I just gave her the first dose of steroids; now, I'm going to try to lay down and rest for a minute. These long days at the hospital take a lot of energy!!


  1. Funny... Mimi had the same thing today at around the same time!

    I am glad all went well :)

  2. So glad another spinal is behind you. Hope you got some rest. MIL

  3. So glad things went well! Jeanene

  4. good news and i miss you guys and wish i could help out!


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