Wow- I haven't posted in a week! We've been busy enjoying the holidays, my birthday, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the newest member of our family (not here yet, alas).

Mollie proclaimed this the best Christmas ever and gave me a big hug and thank you the other night. She especially liked decorating, opening gifts, and eating dinner on our "fancy" china in the dining room. That pretty much covers it.

Matt's parents are still here helping us out; they took the girls up to Snow Hill to visit the great grandparents on the 26th. Matt and I took that opportunity to shop around for a "big girl" bed for Lucy. Mollie and Lucy now officially share a room! Mollie also gave me a big hug and thank you for that (we'll see if that attitude changes over the next few years).

Mollie made me some lovely gifts for my birthday (a necklace, a ring, and a few other items). She spent hours working on them all by herself. She also picked out my favorite kind of cake (chocolate with white frosting) and was just really excited to make my birthday special. That little girl is the sweetest!

On the medical front, Mollie seems to be doing okay. She has had a little nausea (thank goodness for zofran), but hasn't complained of much else. Tonight she had a very slight fever at bedtime (99.5). By the time I gave her her chemo a few hours later, the temp was down to 99. So... I hope it's nothing other than normal variation in body temperature. She hasn't had any other symptoms of illness except an occasional cough. We are watching her very, very closely.

Update: No fever this morning (98.2) and Mollie is feeling good today!

Viewing the lights at Hopelands Gardens

Trying out the new wheels from Santa


  1. i am glad for the update! glad you have had a family, celebratory focused few days!
    lucy into a big girl bed...one thing about a baby...makes the current baby not a baby anymore. did that make any sense? i fear the day finn isn't in a crib. he isn't the "easy to bed" kid lala has been!

  2. Beautiful photos of beautiful girls! Glad you guys had a good holiday and that you had a great birthday! I particularly love the hearts in Mollie's wheels, very cute! Good luck in the transition to big girl bed!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! Love their smiles in their fancy dresses, the excitement with the bikes, and all of Mollie's appreciations and sweetnesses :) Can't wait for the announcement of #3s arrival!

  4. Hooray! Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! Will you have a 2010 baby? Anxiously waiting to hear!

  5. Wish I could have been there with you guys. Hugs & kisses to the my sweet girls. See you in January. I love you all so much.

  6. Btw that first photo is just darling!!! Happy new year!

  7. Happy New Year! Love the pic. Both the girls have really grown! I reconize the dress that Lucy is wearing. :) Best wishes for #3!


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