Hospital: Day #10

Things are looking better this AM. Mollie did spike a fever last night (39.2) but a) was not as high as previous nights and b) came down pretty quickly to normal (37). Her ANC is up around 900 and her breathing is greatly improved.

We haven't heard the results of the CT yet and won't here about the nasal swabs for some time (they sent them to an outside lab).

Matt and I both are annoyed that the hospital seems to undervalue nutrition and hygiene as part of "medical care." The food in the hospital is crap, and Mollie has been eating less and less each day. We have asked several times for proteins shake and multi-vitamins and finally go the OK to give them to her yesterday. And nobody seems concerned that she hasn't bathed or brushed her teeth (We finally got her to do both!) So, we're pushing that pretty hard right now.

Mollie had "reverse" trick or treating this morning; she dressed up as a bat and got 3 bags of loot! All the staff were dressed up and they came by her room and made her say "trick or treat" before heaping treats in her bucket. She got her neupogen shot delivered by a nursing student- that was annoying. It took forever and she was screaming. I believe in students and understand this is a teaching hospital, but they shouldn't practice on a child who has been here for 10 days!

Mollie is in a good mood, energetic, afebrile, and generally happy. We would like to think she's turned a corner... but we know better than to make that declaration yet!

Mollie has been having a great day (other than not eating much). Still afebrile and we're working on clearing those lungs. The CT showed that she does not have necrotizing pneumonia (which is very dangerous), just regular pneumonia. That is probably what is causing the fevers to spike so with the respiratory therapy we're hoping to clear out the gunk and fluid and get the fevers to stop. Dr. Vega says we'll definitely be here over the weekend and once she remains afebrile, ANC shoots up (BTW, her WBC count was 900 today but ANC was only 342), and her lungs sound better, she can go home. They will continue with the neupogen shots until her ANC is around 5000. The shots sting, even with the lidocaine cream, but she is usually completely recovered a minute later. The anticipation is the worst part and she always knows when the shots are coming because they come in and put the Emla cream on her leg 15 minutes before giving the shot.

11 PM Update: I just got home from the hospital and Mollie is goofy and energetic and still fever-free! She's been eating plenty of candy and was so happy with all the cool Halloween stuff that arrived in the mail today. Her hospital room looks like Halloween-land! If I think of it, I'll do a video tour of our home away from home tomorrow.


  1. Mollie! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your costume! You look great. Really great. I am glad that you are feeling a little better too. I am so proud of you and I wish that I could give you a BIG hug! I love you so much, Mollie Girl! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

  2. That bat costume is awesome!

  3. Oh your post sound so much better. I quite agree about hygiene--for adults as wellas for children. And the thing is, one feels so much better afterwards. The gentle physical touching is also very important to healing.
    Can you explain what makes the neupogen shot so awful--aside from the fact that it is a shot. I did read that it should be room temperature in order to avoid some of the stinging. Holding down a screaming child is one of the most awful things for a parent to do--even when it is for her own good.
    Mollie, you look fabulous--Happy Halloween!

  4. happy halloween, mollie. i hope you are home for the real deal tomorrow.
    i like your bat pose, myself!

  5. I love that Mollie got the princess wand!!! We have the love of pink, sparkly things in common. Happy Halloween and sending good thoughts for things to continue to get better quickly!

  6. Yay for her fever STILL being down - woo hoo!!!!! If you remember, I would love to see the video tour of her room, just the few pictures here look like she's really made a bat cave in there! Awesome awesome awesome (well, as awesome as it gets without getting to go home)!

    For the shots - I looked up why some shots hurt more than others (with respect to local anesthetic mind you, but it might be the same deal) and it was pH - the bigger the pH difference between you and the shot the more it would sting, even if you had a local to numb the skin (that only helps with the needle going in). They make shots to be a certain pH that matches most, but not all (and few are a perfect match). I swear that must be why anesthetic hurt me so much recently, I TOTALLY feel for Mollie in this, I hate shots and avoid them at all costs...silly I know, but man they hurt! I still remember my dad having to sit on me when I was about Mollies age to have 5 rabies shots when I got scratched by a cat.....yes....he physically had to sit on me and hold me down.....

  7. 10/31 7:30am

    Mollie had a great night last night. She endured the respiratory therapy at midnight, 4am and just now with no problems, and now can get the plunger all the way to the top of her incentive spirometer. Dr V just mentioned to me that he was encouraged by the sound of her lungs and that he thought she had turned a corner. It was nice to hear that.

    He also mentioned that she probably had the pneumonia all along, but without any white cells attacking the infection it didnt show up very well. Now that she is producing the white cells she should have a lot of congestion to expel by coughing, etc - so we will really focus on the breathing treatments and therapy. It is nice to have something tangible to concentrate on after days of relative uncertainty.

    Happy Halloween everyone!


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