Crafty Day

Mollie stayed home from school today due to 1) yesterday's fever and 2) big time antibiotics. Other than the cough, she felt pretty good and did not want to just stay home and rest. So... we picked up some bagels and cream cheese and headed over to the park for a picnic. Mollie and Lucy had a great time playing in the water park, but the play structure was just too hot, so we didn't stay for long.

Mollie missed art class (her favorite) at school today, so we had our own art class at home. She has been learning to recognize all the color words, so I made a color wheel for her to paint. The learning experience was two fold: she had to recognize the colors that I wrote on the wheel and then we talked about primary and secondary colors and color mixing. Definitely a success!

After a little down time, I took Mollie to her first Girl Scout (Daisy) meeting. The troop made paper bead necklaces, a craft right up Mollie's alley! Lucy also had a fun time scooting around on the floor in the gym, where the meeting was held.

Today definitely made up for yesterday! I plan to send Mollie to school tomorrow since her cough seems to be getting better and she's tolerating the antibiotics well.


  1. what an amazing educator and mom you are! how fun! you really are giving mollie a well rounded education!

  2. Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for posting on my mom blog. I appreciate it. Tell Mollie that I love her and that we miss her. William starts preschool on Tuesday. He is nervous. Does she have any advice for him? Thanks!

  3. Thank you for your blog! My daughter and I have been reading it together. She has been diagnosed 8/12/09 looking at Mollie's pictures I think is helping her. Thank you! Mimi is also a crafty girl :)


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