Mollie had her first swimming lesson today! We were planning to do it last summer, but she was diagnosed in June, so that plan (along with many others) was axed. It was a tough decision to do it this summer though, because depending on which doctor you ask, a) Mollie can swim in any pool as long as her counts are good, b) Mollie can only swim in private pools, c) Mollie should not swim in any pool except a baby pool in the backyard.

The pool we go to seems well-maintained, and they check the pH and chlorine frequently so we decided to go for it. As soon as I asked Mollie to put her swimsuit on today, she started acting like she didn't want to go. Then, she had a complete melt-down when we got there; not because she's scared of the water, but because she was too shy to talk to the teacher and participate. I had to nearly force her into the pool, but once in, the tears disappeared and were replaced by smiles and giggles. Lucy hung out with me, deck-side, perfectly content (relieved?) not to be in the water.

Mollie can't wait to go back tomorrow!

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  1. yay, mollie! lala starts in 2 weeks. and lucy, you look too grown up! (lucy, what are your stats? your buddy, finn, had his 18 mo appt and his ped commented that he is one very tall boy!)


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