Good News

This has been a good week!

Mollie had her 5 year-old check up yesterday and passed with flying colors. Then today was parent teacher conferences with her pre-K teacher. Ms. Shirley only had good things to say; she reports that Mollie is bright, a good listener, progressing in math and writing, and generally a joy to have in class!

The weather has been fabulous, so we have been trying to spend time outdoors. Last weekend we went to an Earth Day celebration at a local park. They had a live butterfly release! Mollie and I really enjoyed seeing all the butterflies- they were landing everywhere.

and a Greenjackets baseball game with Marv and Isabella.


  1. Looks like a whole lot of fun! Missing you guys!

  2. just the news you needed. (and we needed!)

  3. I love the photo at the game-- so cute :) Glad the school and med reports were good!!


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