Easter Weekend

We had a fun Easter weekend up at Snow Hill (Matt's grandparents' farm). It's the first time we've been there since Mollie's diagnosis. I was a little paranoid about remembering to bring Mollie's medications and all the 'just in case' items like extra pills, thermometer, Huber needle (for port access), after all that was taken care of, everything else fell in to place.

We got there Friday afternoon and, after visiting with Mollie and George, we headed out for a bite to eat, followed by grocery shopping. By this time it was dark and we didn't realize we were about to be in the middle of a major storm. We got soaked and a little freaked out since we heard tornado warnings while we were driving on the Interstate, but made it back to the lodge safely. Then, on Sunday, we found out that a tornado touched down a mere half mile from where we were sleeping!!

We enjoyed baking cookies, fishing, dyeing Easter eggs, picking flowers, hunting eggs, church on Easter Sunday, and a fine dinner prepared by grandma Mollie and uncle Robert.

This week, it's back to school and clinic tomorrow to check counts. They increased Mollie's chemo a little (because she's grown) and they want to make sure she's tolerating the higher dose. Let's hope she is!


  1. Wowzers (that's from Scooby Doo) Sounds like a great weekend, all but the tornado. Glad you guys are safe and were able to have a good time.

    Gage has put in for Stevi B's, I hope we can all get together.

    The girls look beautiful, as ever, in their Easter outfits and bunny ears.

  2. you know what? when we were naming the kids, i wanted unique (within our family) names, but i LOVE that mollie is named after her great grandma and that she KNOWS her great grandma namesake. that is so cool!

    your packing stress puts mine to serious shame. i am glad your visit was nice!


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