The Littlest Heroes Project

One of the photography blogs I read (sorry, can't remember which one) had a post about The Littlest Heroes Project. It is a really cool organization that offers photography sessions for children who are affected by any type of serious illness or injury. The photographers donate their time. We got incredibly lucky and Misty Morris offered her services and did a photo session with Mollie. It was a lot of fun... fairytale was the theme. The shoot was at Hopelands Gardens in Aiken on a cold, but pretty day. The pictures are gorgeous and Misty was fun and laid-back (and TALENTED). This picture is one I took of the 'shoot' so it's less than fabulous, but if anyone is interested in seeing Misty's pictures, e mail me and I'll give you the link.


  1. i want the link and i actually think your shot is very cool! whose outfit is mollie wearing? i want one like that!

  2. I'm signing up Alyson after leaving this comment. Mollie looks so lovely! I'd love to see the other pictures and share them with Aly.

    How fun!

  3. I want the link, too! Is this what we were shopping for that dress for? Too cute!


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