Mollie also got the all clear to start school again. Like tomorrow. We'll talk with her school and teachers and probably have her go back next week. More worries for me (sick kids, rough kids, etc.), and I'm sure there will be a period of adjustment, but I think Mollie will be glad to go back.

Oh yeah, and 2.5 hours after we heard "they've ordered the chemo and we're waiting on the call from the OR", we are still waiting.... hungrily.

Updated: LP went fine; we went for burritos after. Yum!


  1. Yeah! Back to school! How exciting for Mollie. I wish you an afternoon of delicious food.

  2. Hope you get to eat soon! Yay for school!

  3. Awesome news on Maintenance and school. So glad you can return to somewhat of a normal life.
    Sarah, I don't know that we will ever have a time when we won't worry about our children who have been affected by cancer. There is so much to watch for. I supplied the room with hand sanitizer and kleenex and the teacher really communicates well with me. If someone has been out, someone was coughing a lot that day, if they sat by Gage she moves one of them(Gage or the child). I hope you can find some ground that makes you feel comfortable with getting Mollie back in school, I think they need the social skills.

    Good luck and best wishes! Yay Mollie!


  4. Sarah, your dad is too sweet. He seems like a dad to be proud of and you can tell he loves you all very much. I enjoyed being introduced to "the grouch"


  5. your last two post gave me the happy chills. i am so glad. you guys deserve some good news and a light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. Hi Mollie!
    I love this photo of you!
    You look so cute in that jacket... I want it! :) Anyway, I wanted you to know that I have some buttons for you, but they are kind of boring in my opinion. I will send them to you anyway, but I am on the look out for better ones for you. Look for the "boring" ones to come in the mail soon. XOXOXO
    I love you!


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