Lighting the Night

The Light the Night walk was a success! Mollie was being difficult (steroids, I'm sure), but once everyone showed up and we started walking, she warmed right up.

Marching for Mollie ended up being one of the top fundraising teams! Thanks everyone for your donations and support!

All the walkers carried balloons- survivors carried white balloons, supporters carried red balloons, and teams who were marching in memory of someone who lost their battle with cancer carried gold balloons. The balloons had small candle-size lights in them and it was very moving to see the trail of lit balloons lighting up the night.

Mollie was thrilled with all the people who showed up- she was exhausted by the end of the night, but she was taking all about it this morning. We'll be doing this again next year.


  1. Three cheers from allof us in Berkeley! We were with you in spirit. Let us know early about next year's walk so we can up our contribution--translated that means so you are first in line on the list!!

    All our love and best thoughts go out to you!

  2. I LOVE THIS! What a great team! It's so touching that so many people came out to support Mollie and those that couldn't still did what they could. This really is awesome-- way to go!!! Matt looks good in pink, too ;)

  3. that is just awesome. goooo mollie!


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