We've been busy with everything except blogging. Here's what's up:

Mollie has a new-found love: swimming! We spent all day Sat. and Sun. at the pool with friend Isabella.

We met with the wish volunteers. They brought Mollie (and Lucy) some surprises and made Mollie feel very special. The three wish choices are 1) Disneyworld, 2) a playhouse, 3) Hawaii. I think we're going to request that they change #1 to playhouse though. We may end up going to Disneyworld with Isabella and family (more fun for all, I think). And Mollie has really been talking more and more about a playhouse...

Mollie started "Fairytale" ballet classes and storytime at the library. She is enjoying both immensely.

Mollie's clinic visit went very well today. Her ANC is borderline (1000) but still high enough to continue chemo at the current doses. She's really comfortable at clinic now and there wasn't a single tear this morning for her blood sample. And, she was having so much fun doing artwork with Kym, the child life specialist, that we had to stay an extra 45 min. or so!


  1. Isn't Mollie a Pisces? I think swimming totally makes sense! (if she isn't then she just has great taste in recreation- "Cheers!" to recreation and not being admitted to the hospital anytime soon.


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